Our "Why"

PINCH is a start-up based in Mount Pleasant, S.C. formed in early 2019.  Our four founders have a unique and extensive mix of experience in sales, marketing and technology. The one common theme? They all agreed on the need for a revolution in the home care industry - specifically lawn service and house cleaning. The network is there, the connections are not..... So enter PINCH.

Our Mission

PINCH exists to help both consumers and service providers in the home care industry.  Consumers get instant access to same-day home cleaning and lawn care services, while eliminating the existing inefficiencies of sourcing, booking, and paying for services.  Service providers get instant access to consumers seeking immediate jobs, while simultaneously reducing the need for complex digital marketing and advertising as well as other administrative and operational inefficiencies.

Are you interested in learning more? Are you a potential provider that is looking to grow their pipeline? Give us a shout here.

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