Home Cleaning

Service Description

Service Includes

PINCH Home Cleaning is classified as “Basic Surface Cleaning” which includes the following:


Providing all cleaning supplies and equipment.


All interior living area included in provided square feet receive

  • Vacuum:  all carpeted rooms/areas

  • Dust: all furniture, visible surface areas and pictures

  • Sweep and Mop: all non carpeted rooms/areas

  • Trash Removal: remove/empty all trash receptacles and replace liners if there was an existing liner. 

  • Kitchen:  Wipe down/clean all counter tops, sinks, faucets and the appliances exterior. Remove leftover dishes in the sink and place in dishwasher (start dishwasher prior to departure)

  • Bathrooms:  Clean bathtub(s), shower(s), toilet(s) sinks and faucets, mirrors

  • Bedrooms: See above.  Supplier is responsible for making any beds.



First-time property set-up involves entering the following into the PINCH app:

  • Number of bedrooms​ and bathrooms

  • Approx. square feet

  • Property photos (optional)

  • Credit/Debit card for payment (at registration only)


Make sure the service provider can access the property.


The PINCH app chat feature is very useful for all job related communications.

Any pets that might interfere with the service provider's ability to safely and efficiently complete the job must be contained or controlled.​