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No one has time to waste! Instead of spending hours searching and interviewing the right people for a job, we’ve done all of the work for you. It’s simple—with PINCH you get professional home cleaning on-demand.


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How it works

Good news, it's simple.


 STEP 1 

Create an account (it’s free) 

  • Download the PINCH app and sign-up for an account today!

  • You will need to add your property type and select details in your customer profile.

  • The app will automatically save each entry.


 STEP 2 

Book your service

  • Connect with a professional home cleaner.

  • View instant pricing for your service.

  • Choose when you need your service within a 24 to 72-hour timeframe.


 STEP 3 

 Job is completed

  • Sit back and relax! You will receive a notification once a pre-screened and qualified cleaner accepts your request.

  • Easily chat and view real-time status updates.

  • Once the job is complete—you simply approve and rate your cleaner. Done and done!

What’s Included


What does a home cleaning include?

A PINCH Home Cleaning is classified as a “Basic Surface Cleaning” which includes the following: - All cleaning supplies and equipment will be provided - Vacuum: all interior carpeted rooms/areas - Dust: all interior furniture, visible surface areas and pictures - Sweep and Mop: all interior non carpeted rooms/areas - Trash Removal: remove/empty all interior trash receptacles and replace liners if there was an existing liner. - Kitchen: Wipe down/clean all counter tops, sinks, faucets and the appliances exterior. Remove leftover dishes in the sink and place in dishwasher (start dishwasher prior to departure) - Bathrooms: Clean bathtub(s), shower(s), toilet(s) sinks and faucets, mirrors - Bedrooms: Vacuum, dust, sweep and mop, trash removal. *Supplier is not responsible for making any beds.


Sign up today!

Simply download the PINCH app. Then enter a few details about your property - it's as simple as 1-2-3!

  • Open the app

  • Book your service and review payment details

  • Bam! Get the work done

Still have more questions? No worries. We are here to help!


Common questions

What if I have a special request?

Simply provide the supplier with any special instructions in advance via the notes section at time of service request and via app chat feature once a supplier accepts. PINCH recommends that you use the chat feature for introductions and any correspondence between you and the supplier.

Is there any cost for using the PINCH app?

No! There is no cost or subscription involved with downloading or using the PINCH app. The fee for each individual job is the only cost that you pay. There are no contracts, no negotiating, no check writing or cash transactions. All payments are made within the app.

Do I need to provide any of the cleaning products/materials or equipment?

No. You will not provide any cleaning products, materials or equipment unless there are some specific products or equipment you want us to use.

Do you clean windows?

A PINCH home cleaning is classified as a ‘basic surface cleaning.’ You can find a list of what is included in a basic surface cleaning above.

How soon must I cancel my appointment?

You must cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time. If you do not cancel your scheduled service within 24 hours there will be a fee of 1/2 of the total cost for the scheduled service(s) charged to the credit card on file.

What they're saying


"Thanks PINCH for the fast, seamless experience in getting my house cleaned! I needed my house cleaned quickly before company came into town, and PINCH delivered! Great prices and my home was spotless. I would highly recommend using this app. Great job!!"

William Stover



“I used pinch for a cleaning service when my normal cleaners couldn’t make it, and they were fantastic! Easy to schedule, pay, and received great service.”

Ashleigh Berkowitz